Wednesday, 20 August 2003: 13:45-15:15
Mayfair Room (Sheraton Hotel and Towers)

S061 Management Issues in Geriatric Consultation Liaison Psychiatry

There is relatively little research that can guide best practice management of older people with psychiatric and behavioral problems on medical wards. Psychiatric outcomes of treatments implemented in general hospital settings are modest at best. This may be due to issues that include diagnostic difficulties, the effects of the physical illness, inadequate treatment and inadequate follow-up. This symposium will cover some of the main issues that confront geriatric consultation liaison psychiatrists. The following topics will be covered: common behavioral disorders that lead to a liaison psychiatry referral; somatisation in the older hospitalised patient and issues of diagnosis and management; psychotic disorders in the medical ward context; the use of ECT in medically sick patients; and the outcomes of the management of depression in the hospitalised physically ill elderly.
Chairs:Brian Draper
Pamela Melding
 S061-001 Management of Anxiety Disorders in the CL Setting
Alastair Flint
 S061-002 Depression in Older General Hospital Patients: Treatment Outcomes
Brian Draper
 S061-003 ECT in the Physically Ill Older Patient
B Mulsant
 S061-004 Psychotic Disorders in Older People in CL Settings
Nicola Lautenschlager, Helen McGowan, Osvaldo P. Almeida
 S061-005 Somatization in Older People in the General Hospital
Pamela Melding
 S061-006 Treatment of Older Patients with Behavioral Problems in CL Settings
David Ames

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