Wednesday, 20 August 2003: 17:45-19:15
Chicago Sheraton Ballrooms (Sheraton Hotel and Towers)

S113 Behavioral Symptoms in Dementia: Challenging the Current Treatment Paridigm

This symposium will examine behavioural and neuropsychological symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. It will focus on the neurobiology, burden to patients and caregivers, and current pharmacological approaches to management.
Chair:Howard Feldman
 S113-001 Behavioral Symptoms in Dementia: Current State of Play
Lon Schneider
 S113-002 When do Behavioral Symptoms Become Manifest?
Howard Feldman
 S113-003 Chronic versus Acute: Examining the Pharmacological Treatment of Behavioral Symptoms in Dementia
Roger Bullock
 S113-004 Treating Behavioral Symptoms in Alzheimer's Disease: Value of Cholinesterase Inhibitors
Serge Gauthier
 S113-005 Cholinergic Approaches to Behavioral Symptoms in Non-Alzheimer Dementias
Daniel Kaufer

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