Tuesday, 19 August 2003: 17:45-19:15
Chicago Sheraton Ballrooms (Sheraton Hotel and Towers)

S110 Achieving Balance in Symptom Management in Elderly Patients with Dementia: An Evidence-Based Approach

Optimising Patient Outcomes: A Balanced Approach to Symptom Management in Elderly Patients with Dementia5 minOpening remarksThe treatment of behavioural and psychological disturbances in dementiaChair: Prakash Masand (USA)20 min- The increasing problem of dementia: diagnosis and courseSpeaker. Michael Davidson (Israel)20 min- Non-pharmacological treatment considerations: a balanced decision Speaker: Mary Ann Boyd (USA)20 min- Maximizing patient benefits through a pharmacological evidence-based approach to symptom managementSpeaker: Peter Paul De Deyn (Belgium)20 minPlenary DiscussionChair: Prakash Masand (USA)5 minSummary and conclusions Chair: Prakash Masand (USA)
Chair:Prakash Masand
 S110-001 The Increasing Problem of Dementia: Diagnosis and Course
Michael Davidson
 S110-002 Non-Pharmacological Treatment Considerations: A Balanced Decision
Mary Ann Boyd
 S110-003 Maximizing Patient Benefits through Pharmacological Evidence-Based Approach to Symptom Management
Peter P. De Deyn

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