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Session 12: Poster/Luncheon
Location: Civic Auditorium (San Jose McEnery Convention Center)
(Please check final room assignments on-site).
Session Description: This session includes papers that do not neatly fall within one of the other categories. Papers in the Poster Session may span multiple disciplines and thus tend to cover a mixture of topics.

Editors:Mr. Joe Buben Defense Supply Center Columbus, Columbus, OH
Mr. Jack Henderson Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane, IN
Mr. Ted Kolasa Freescale Semiconductor, Tempe, AZ
Randal Mulder Freescale Semiconductor, Inc., Austin, TX
Dr. David H. Su Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd., Hsin-Chu, Taiwan
Session Chair:Mr. Ted Kolasa Freescale Semiconductor, Tempe, AZ
Stacked-Die Analysis Using C-Mode Scanning Acoustic Microscope
DuPont EKC265TM as a Copper Metal Etchant to Assist FIB Edits through Large Copper Power Supply Lines
Edge Enhancement Parameters for Acoustic Microscopy of Flip Chip Devices
Method of Failure Site Isolation for Flash Memory Device Using FIB, Passive Voltage Contrast Techniques
Increasing Planarity for Failure Analysis Using Blocked Reactive Ion Etching Combined with Planar Polish
Nanomechanical Characterization in the FIB
Couple Passive Voltage Contrast with Scanning Probe Microscope to Identify Invisible Implant Issue
CAD - Less Blind Navigation in Focused Ion Beam System
Method of Detecting Trace Metal Contamination in Thick-Film SOI Device
The Radio Probe(tm): A New Measurement Tool for High Speed Integrated Circuits
High Resolution Acoustic Microscopy with Low Frequency and its Applications in Analysis of Ferroelectrics
Automated Sample Preparation of Low-k Dielectrics for FESEM
Depth Measurement of Dislocations in Si Substrate by Stereo TEM
Gate Oxide Defect Localization and Analysis by Using Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy
A Novel Method to Observe the Silicide in TEM
The Enhancement of Abnormal Photon Emission Identification for Advanced Processes Using a Backside Cooling PEM System
The Microstructure Evolution of Corrosion Phenomenon on Aluminum Bond Pads
Dynamic Electroluminescence Imaging as an “Optical Oscilloscope” Probe
Thermal Imaging Product Power-up: Metrology for Capturirng Thermal Defects on Live Units Not Visible on any other Technique
Single Via Deprocessing Technique to Enable Physical Analysis for Semiconductor Process Integration
EEPROM Failure Analysis Methodology: Can Programmed Charges be Measured Directly by Electrical Techniques of Scanning Probe Microscopy?
Stacked Polysilicon/Metal Capacitors Failure Analysis