STUDENT PAPER: Optical Investigations of Temperature Effects in 14/16 nm FinFETs

Monday, November 6, 2017: 10:55 AM
Ballroom D (Pasadena Convention Center)
Mr. Ivo Vogt , TU Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Dr. Tomonori Nakamura , Hamamatsu Photonics, hamamatsu, Japan
Mr. Babak Motamedi , Qualcomm Inc., San Diego, CA
Prof. Christian Boit , Technische Universitaet Berlin, Berlin, Germany


This publications gives a detailed analysis of spectral photon emission phenomena on finfets(including electron temperatures and thermal kink). InGaAs detector and optical system were fully calibrated. Furthermore we introduce a new method fo the detection of self-heating effects in FETs using EOFM.