Novel x-ray microscopic chemical imaging for rapid non-destructive identification of microbump voids and compositional defects

Wednesday, November 13, 2019: 8:50 AM
D 137/138 (Oregon Convention Center)
Mr. S.H. Lau , Sigray, Inc., Concord, CA
Dr. Benjamin Stripe , Sigray, Inc., Concord, CA
Ms. Sylvia Lewis , Sigray, Inc., Concord, CA
Ms. Xiaolin Yang , Sigray, Inc., Concord, CA
Dr. Wenbing Yun, PhD , Sigray, Inc., Concord, CA


New heterogeneous integration schemes and continuing miniaturization of packaging components such as micropillars are driving demand for new substantive changes to conventional failure analysis. In particular, desired performance capabilities include the ability to non-destructively determine failures within seconds to minutes. Moreover, it should be quantitative, capable of measuring 3D structures and buried structures, and have sufficient resolution to determine failures in <10-20 um features. Here we present a novel solution based on xr-ay chemical microscopy.
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