Mixed Mode & High Power Devices Case Studies

Thursday, November 14, 2019: 2:55 PM-3:45 PM
D 137/138 (Oregon Convention Center)
Mr. Stephen Fasolino, Raytheon and Mr. Jeff Gambino, ON Semiconductor
2:55 PM
Enhancing Point Defect Isolation by Using Ionizing Radiation
Mr. Douglas J. Martin, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane; Dr. Matthew J. Gadlage, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane; Mr. Wai-Yat Leung, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane; Mr. Jeffrey L. Titus, AECOM
3:20 PM
Residual EG Oxide in FinFET Analyses and Its Impact to Yield, Product Performance, and Transistor Reliability
Mr. Patrick McGinnis, IBM; Mr. David Albert, IBM; Dr. Zhigang Song, IBM; Mr. John Sylvestri, IBM; Mr. Phong Tran, IBM; Mr. Johns Oarethu, IBM; Mr. Michael Tenney, IBM; Mr. Greg Hornicek, IBM
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