Nanoprobing and Electrical Characterization III

Tuesday, November 12, 2019: 3:20 PM-4:35 PM
D 137/138 (Oregon Convention Center)
Dr. Sweta Pendalaya, DCG Systems and John Sanders, Thermofisher
3:20 PM
Application of Two-pin EBIC Technique to Isolate the Defective Fin(s) in Advanced Bulk FinFET Devices
Mr. Kah Chin Cheong, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.; Dr. Liangshan Chen, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.; Dr. Yu Zhang, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.; Dr. Yuting Wei, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.; Mr. Brian Popielarski, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.; Mr. Xiaodong Zhang, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.; Mr. Chong Khiam Oh, GlobalFoundries
3:45 PM
Efficient fault isolation and failure analysis methods to root cause defects in microprocessors
Dr. Hasan Faraby, Intel Corporation; Dr. Tristan Deborde, Intel Corporation; Dr. Martin Von Haartman, Intel Corporation
4:10 PM
Nanoprobing of advanced silicon-on-insulator transistors
Dr. Stefano Larentis, NXP Semiconductors; Mr. Kent Erington, NXP Semiconductors; Mr. Jose Z. Garcia, NXP Semiconductors; Mrs. Khiem Ly, NXP Semiconductors; Mr. Kristofor Dickson, NXP Semiconductors; Mr. Tony Chrastecky, NXP Semiconductors; Mr. Stephen Heineke, NXP Semiconductors; Mr. Nelson Gomez, NXP Semiconductors; Dr. Sam Subramanian, NXP Semiconductors
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