FIB Sample Preparation II

Tuesday, November 12, 2019: 3:20 PM-5:00 PM
F 150/151 (Oregon Convention Center)
Dr. Bryan Tracy, PhD, Evans Analytical Group and Mr. Jake Jensen, Thermo Fisher Scientific
3:20 PM
3D-Printed Samples For EXLO/INLO Practice and Training
Mr. Zachary A Giannuzzi, EXpressLO LLC; Dr. Kathleen A. Gehoski, Penn State University; Dr. William Mahoney, Penn State University; Dr. Lucille A. Giannuzzi, TESCAN USA, Inc
3:45 PM
Low Energy Xe+ PFIB Specimen Preparation for Cs-Corrected HRSTEM Imaging
Dr. Lucille A Giannuzzi, TESCAN USA; Mr. Paul A. Anzalone, TESCAN USA; Dr. Jiancun Rao, University of Maryland; Dr. Jamie Ford, University of Pennsylvania; Dr. Douglas Yates, University of Pennsylvania; Dr. Eric A. Stach, University of Pennsylvania
4:10 PM
4:35 PM
FIB Enhancement OF Mechanically Polished Cross-sections
Ms. Becky Holdford, retired Failure Analyst
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