Tuesday, 19 August 2003: 13:45-15:15
Huron Room (Sheraton Hotel and Towers)

S036 Fostering Research Careers in Geriatric Psychiatry: Opportunities with the Summer Research Institute and 1995 Alumni Progress Report

The proposal below seeks to address the very important issue of continuing to promote the growth of new geriatric researchers. Clinical research in aging and mental health is critically important for the development of new treatment strategies and care models for our older population, yet the rate of new researchers entering the field lags dramatically behind the anticipated need. This symposium will share with the IPA community the strategies employed by the Summer Research Institute (SRI) since itís inception in 1995, to both introduce new researchers into the field, and keep them active in research through ongoing mentorship and networking. The experiences of several individuals involved in the SRI since 1995 will be presented in an informal discussion format, describing how the SRI provided an important starting place in the trajectory of their careers. Learning Objectives: 1. Become familiar with the SRI model for research training, mentorship and networking. 2. Learn of the opportunities generated by the SRI and how they promote ongoing research in geriatrics. 3. Become aware of the various entry points to join the research community and obtain funding to support clinical research.
Chair:Jason Olin
 S036-001 Overview of the Summer Research Institute as a Model for Fostering New Research Careers in Geriatric Psychiatry
Maureen Halpain
 S036-002 The Impact of the Summer Research Institute on My Career Development as a Neuropsychologist
Barton Palmer
 S036-003 The Role of the SRI in Training MDs for Careers in Academic Medicine
David Oslin
 S036-004 Cultivating a Career in Geriatric Psychiatry in the Midwest
Susan Schultz
 S036-005 Discussant
Alastair J Flint

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