Wednesday, 20 August 2003: 13:45-15:15
Michigan Room (Sheraton Hotel and Towers)

S063 Eastern European Initiative Symposium

Ageing is a progressive decline in function and performance which accompanies advancing years. The ageing of population is becoming a reality in developed and in less developed countries too In EE countries, around 10-12% from general population are over 65, comparatively with Northwest Europe where are 14-16% over 65. In USA 10%, Canada 9%, but in Japan only 7% are over 65 (In India only 2-3%). The increased frequency of mental health problems of the elderly, require re-adaptative approaches of the development of old age psychiatry. The authors present what we generally expect from OAP and how OAP is organised in Eastern European countries. They studied ethiopatogeny, the clinical features, diagnosis and treatment of more of frequent mental illnesses in the elderly in their countries. Thus the authors have reviewed the concept of late-life psychosis and depression, the more frequent symptoms in dementia, the contemporary literature about their phenomenology, etiology and treatment and research in Alzheimer Disease. The importance of making distinctions between subtypes of patients in the interface between depression and dementia is not only for diagnosis and prognosis, there is for treatment with antidepressants and cognitive enhancers also The place of non-pharmacological treatments has not been adequately investigated, however they are part of the ‘complete management package’ in the elderly psychosis. Usually we use the combination treatment with psychotherapy in community care to improve the frail old age mentally patients' quality of life. We also discuss about the organising of services for the elderly mentally ills in our part of the world, and what we generally expect from OAP concerning the specialty and education.
Chairs:Nicoleta Tataru
Engin Eker
 S063-001 Services for Elderly Care in Turkey
Engin Eker
 S063-002 The Major Antioxidant Enzymatic System in Alzheimer’s Disease
Jerzy,Waldemar Leszek, Barbara Janicka, Andrzej Kiejna
 S063-003 What’s Going on with Psychogeriatrics in Serbia?
Alecsandra Milicevic Kalasic
 S063-004 The Prevalence of Depression Among the Elderly in Bosnia and Herzegovina
M. Racic, LJ Kozomara, S. Kusmuk, Banja Luka
 S063-005 Education in Old Age Psychiatry in Romania
Catalina Tudose

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