Mixed Mode & High Power Devices Case Studies

Monday, November 6, 2017: 12:20 PM-2:25 PM
Ballroom A (Pasadena Convention Center)
Mr. Stephen T. Fasolino, Raytheon and Dr. Michael Bruce, Consultant
12:20 PM
Design for failure analysis in a 24 GHz low-noise amplifier for short range radar applications created in silicon CMOS technology
Dr. Philipp Scholz, Technische Universitaet Berlin; Mr. Soenke Vehring, Technische Universitaet Berlin; Dr. Uwe Kerst, Technische Universitaet Berlin; Dr. Dirk Berger, Technische Universitaet Berlin; Prof. Christian Boit, Technische Universitaet Berlin; Prof. Georg Boeck, Technische Universitaet Berlin; Prof. Friedel Gerfers, Technische Universitaet Berlin
1:35 PM
Practical Dynamic Laser Stimulation Techniques for Complex Analog and Mixed Signal IC Failure Analysis
Mr. Jeffrey S. Javier, Semtech Corporation; Mr. Taylor J. Hurdle, Semtech Corporation; Mr. Sammie C. Fernandez, Semtech Corporation; Ms. Kari Van L. Vliet, Semtech Corporation
2:00 PM
Power MOSFET Failure Analysis and PackageEffects in 3-Phase, Half Bridge Applications and Design Improvements
Mr. Mark J Dipsey, Texas Instruments Inc.; Mr. Ian Kearney, Texas Instruments
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