Fault Isolation II

Thursday, November 9, 2017: 8:00 AM-9:40 AM
Ballroom A (Pasadena Convention Center)
Dr. Keith A. Serrels, NXP Semiconductors and Mr. Kent Erington, NXP Semiconductor
8:00 AM
Picosecond Time Resolved LADA Integrated with a Solid Immersion Lens on a Laser Scanning Microscope
Mr. Kristofor Dickson, NXP Semiconductors; Mr. Kent Erington, NXP Semiconductor; Mr. Dan Bodoh, NXP Semiconductors; Dr. Keith A. Serrels, NXP Semiconductors; Mr. Charles Petri, NXP Semiconductors; Mr. Juan Ybarra, NXP Semiconductors; Mrs. Khiem Ly, NXP Semiconductors
8:25 AM
Laser Silicon Interaction Study on Ring Oscillators to establish Temperature Voltage Dependency trends on 14nm and future FinFET technologies.
Mr. Gaurav S. Mattey, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.; Dr. Lavakumar Ranganathan, Qualcomm Technologies Inc.
8:50 AM
Electro-Optical Frequency Mapping Phase Image Simulation Technique for Fault Isolation
Mr. Junpei Nonaka, Renesas Semiconductor Manufacturing; Mr. Nakaba Matsui, Renesas Engineering Service; Mr. Seiichi Honbu, Renesas Engineering Service; Dr. Kazuki Shigeta, Renesas Electronics; Mr. Yukihisa Funatsu, Renesas Electronics
9:15 AM
STUDENT PAPER: Laser Voltage Tracing for Electrical Fault Isolation of Circuits propagating Aperiodic Signals
Mr. Venkat Ravikumar, SIngapore University of Technology and Design; Mr. Gopinath ranganathan, Advanced Micro Devices - Singapore Pte Ltd1; SL Phoa, Advanced Micro Devices - Singapore Pte Ltd; Prof. KL pey, Singapore University of Technology and Design; Mr. Neel Leslie, FEI Company; Mr. Christopher Nemirow, Ph.D, FEI Company
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