FA Processes Case Studies - POSTERS

Wednesday, November 13, 2019: 2:30 PM-4:30 PM
Exhibit Hall D (Oregon Convention Center)
FA Processes Case Studies - Posters Dr. Chuan Zhang, NVIDIA and Dr. Erwin Hendarto, Silicon Labs
Contact Leakage Failure Analysis by EBIC, C-AFM and Nano-probing
Mr. Kuang-Tse Ho, Materials Analysis Technology; Dr. Chien-Wei wu, Materials Analysis Technology; Dr. Te-Fu Chang, Materials Analysis Technology; Mr. Chia-Hsiang Yen, Materials Analysis Technology; Mr. Ching-Hsiang Chan, Materials Analysis Technology
Contamination Troubleshooting Approach from Problem to Solution
Dr. Victor Chia, Air Liquide; Dr. Hugh Gotts, Air Liquide; Dr. Fuhe Li, Air Liquide; Dr. Mark Camenzind, Air Liquide
Case Study of Electro-Optical Probing Signal with High Signal-Noise Ratio
Mr. Ryan Xiao, NXP Semiconductors-(China) Limited; Mr. William Wang, NXP Semiconductors-(China) Limited; Mr. Ang Li, NXP Semiconductors-(China) Limited; Mr. Shengqiu Xu, NXP Semiconductors-(China) Limited; Mr. Binghai Liu, NXP Semiconductors-(China) Limited; Dr. Keith Serrels, NXP Semiconductors
Artefacts of SEM/TEM observations cases on seal ring structure and correctives samples preparations to avoid them.
Mr. Christophe Charles, STMicroelectronics; Mr. Alain Margain, STMicroelectronics
Re-Packaging Solution Of Bare Dice From Customer Packages To Open-Cavity Ceramic Packages
Mr. Raymond G. Mendaros, Analog Devices General Trias (ADGT); Mr. Eugene Capito, Analog Devices General Trias (ADGT); Mr. Bernardino Mazon, Analog Devices General Trias; Mr. Romeo Soriano, Analog Devices General Trias (ADGT)
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