Fault Isolation II

Wednesday, November 13, 2019: 4:30 PM-5:45 PM
D 137/138 (Oregon Convention Center)
Mr. Dan Bodoh, NXP Semiconductors and Dr. Jesse Alton, TearView Limited
4:30 PM
A New Approach to IDDQ Failure Fault Localization Using Single Shot Logic (SSL) Patterns
Mr. Rommel Estores, ON Semiconductor; Mr. Stefaan Verleye, ON Semiconductor
4:55 PM
Failure analysis of FinFET circuitry at GHz speeds using voltage-contrast and stroboscopic techniques on a scanning electron microscope
Dr. James S. Vickers, THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC; Dr. Seema Somani, Thermo Fisher Scientific; Dr. Blake M. Freeman, Thermo Fisher Scientific; Mr. Peter Carleson, FEI Company; Mr. Lubomír Tůma, Thermo Fisher Scientific; Mr. Marek Unčovský, Thermo Fisher Scientific; Mr. Petr Hlavenka, Thermo Fisher Scientific
5:20 PM
Comparison of He+ and Ga+ voltage contrast in N-wells
Mr. Gregory Johnson, Carl Zeiss SMT, Inc.; Dr. Ted Lundquist, Carl Zeiss X-Ray Microscopy, Inc.; David Ferranti, Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC; Dr. Baohua Niu, Carl Zeiss SMT, Inc.; Dr. John Notte, Carl Zeiss Microscopy SMT
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