Sample Preparation and Device Deprocessing

Thursday, November 9, 2017: 9:50 AM-12:20 PM
Ballroom C (Pasadena Convention Center)
Dr. Yuanjing (Jane) Li, NVIDIA and Dr. Erwin Hendarto, Silicon Labs
9:50 AM
Sample Preparation Techniques for Reduced Lateral Heat Distribution and Implications for Non-IR Probing on Integrated Circuits
Mr. Matthew M. Mulholland, Intel Corporation; Dr. Nathan Bakken, PhD, Intel Corporation; Mr. Vladimir V. Vlasyuk, Intel Corporation; Mr. Robert P. Wadell, Intel Corporation; Mr. Imran Khan, Intel Corporation
10:15 AM
Novel IC Device Repackaging for SIL and Backside Analysis Capability
Mr. Leandro Muela, ON Semiconductor; Mr. Raj Kabadi, ON Semiconductor; Mr. Eric Barbian, ON Semiconductor
10:40 AM
Application of Laser Deprocessing Techniques (LDT) to Improve the Job Efficiency & Throughput on Logic Device
Mr. H.H. Yap, GlobalFoundries; Mr. Chong Khiam Oh, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.; Jian Yu, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.; Dr. Lucile C.Teague Sheridan, Ph.D., GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.; Donald Nedeau, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.
11:05 AM
Precision Xe Plasma FIB Delayering for Physical Failure Analysis of sub-20 nm Microprocessor Devices
Dr. Vignesh Viswanathan, Advanced Micro Devices (S) Pte Ltd; S Sharang, TESCAN Brno s.r.o.; Karel Novotny, TESCAN Brno s.r.o.; Dr. Jozef Vincenc Obona, TESCAN Brno s.r.o.; V. Narang, Advanced Micro Devices (S) Pte Ltd; J.M. Chin, Advanced Micro Devices (S) Pte Ltd; Mr. Dionaldo Zudhistira, Advanced Micro Devices (S) Pte Ltd
11:30 AM
Halogen-free Microwave Induced Plasma Decapsulation of System in Package Modules
Dr. Jiaqi Tang, JIACO Instruments B.V.; Dr. St.J. Dixon-Warren, PhD, TechInsights Inc.; Ms. Jing Wang, JIACO Instruments B.V.; Prof. Kees Beenakker, Delft University of Technology
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