Nanoprobing and Electrical Characterization I

Monday, November 6, 2017: 3:00 PM-5:05 PM
Ballroom C (Pasadena Convention Center)
Ms. Sweta Pendyala, Globalfoundries and Mr. John Sanders, DCG Systems
3:00 PM
Characterization of Gate Oxide Pinhole Defect in NMOS FinFET Devices
Mr. Liangshan Chen, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Arnaud Bousquet, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Ms. Tanya Schaeffer, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Dr. Lucile C. Teague Sheridan, Ph.D., GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Lowell Hodgkins, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Dr. Bianzhu Fu, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; Mr. Chong Khiam Oh, GLOBALFOUNDRIES
3:25 PM
Combining Electron Beam Methods, EBIC and EBAC, with Traditional Approaches for Highly Effective Fault Isolation
Mr. Ryan Fredrickson, On Semiconductor; Mr. Derek Snider, On Semiconductor; Mr. Tim Kuebrich, On Semiconductor; Mr. Andrew Le, On Semiconductor; Mr. Lucas Winiarski, On Semiconductor
3:50 PM
To Reveal Invisible Doping Defect by Nanoprobing Analysis, Simulation and Scanning Capacitance Microscopy
Mr. Li-Lung Lai, Semiconductor Manufacturing International (Shanghai) Corporation
4:15 PM
High resolution localization using lock-in based electron beam methods
Mr. Felix Rolf, Infineon Technologies AG; Dr. Christian Hollerith, Infineon Technologies AG; Mr. Christian Feuerbaum, Infineon Technologies AG
4:40 PM
Nanoprobing Beyond 14nm with Latest Generation SEM-based Nano-probers
Ms. Noor Jehan Saujauddin, Global Foundries; Ms. Esther P.Y. Chen, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.; Dr. Felix Beaudoin, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.
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