Low Power Devices Case Studies - Poster

Wednesday, November 8, 2017: 1:30 PM-3:30 PM
Dr. Szu Huat Goh, GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Mr. Gil Garteiz, California Institute of Technology
EBAC for Isolating Partially-Localized FEOL Electrical Shorts on Test Structures During Sub-14nm Technology Development
Dr. John E. Masnik, Global Foundries; Ms. Noor Jehan Saujauddin, Global Foundries; Kevin Davidson, Global Foundries; Ms. Esther P.Y. Chen, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.; Dr. Felix Beaudoin, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.
STUDENT PAPER: The Failure Mechanism study of Single Metal Contact Open Induced Scan Chain Failure in 90nm node VLSI Using Electron Beam Absorb Current (EBAC) Technology.
Dr. Chao-Cheng Ting, National Chiao-Tung University; Ya-Chi Liu, Optmic Lab; Mr. Hsuan-Hsien Chen, Faraday Technology Corp.; Mr. Chung-Ching Tsai, Faraday Technology Corp.; Liwen Shih, University of Houston-Clear Lake
Application of Conductive-AFM in Soft Failure Analysis
Dr. Chuan Zhang, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.; Mr. Yinzhe Ma, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.; Mr. Gregory Dabney, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.; Mr. Chong Khiam Oh, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.; Ms. Esther P.Y. Chen, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.
Zynq SOC low-voltage and temperature dependent L2 cache failure diagnosis and defect localization Case Study
Mr. Haonan Bai, Xilinx Asia Pacific; Mrs. Jing Yang, Xilinx Asia Pacific; Ms. Lan Yin Lee, Xilinx Asia Pacific; Mr. Peter Floyd Salinas, Xilinx Asia Pacific; Mr. Kok Keng Chua, Xilinx Asia Pacific
Process Flow employed for Parametric Test Structure Shorts Fault Isolation in sub-22 nm technologies in high throughput Foundries
Mr. Satish Kodali, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.; Mr. Mia Nasimullah, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.; Dr. Yuting Wei, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.; Mr. Chong Khiam Oh, GlobalFoundries; Dr. Felix Beaudoin, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.; Mr. Liangshan Chen, GLOBALFOUNDRIES
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