Sample Preparation and Device Deprocessing

Thursday, November 14, 2019: 8:00 AM-10:05 AM
F 150/151 (Oregon Convention Center)
8:00 AM
Artifact-Free Decapsulation of Silver Wire Bonded Semiconductor Devices Using Microwave Induced Plasma
Dr. Jiaqi Tang, JIACO Instruments; Mr. David Lohier, HIREX Engineering; Mr. Bertrand Forgerit, HIREX Engineering; Mr. Guillaume Gabaston, HIREX Engineering; Ms. Jing Wang, JIACO Instruments; Mr. Wilbert van den Hoek, JIACO Instruments; Prof. Kees Beenakker, Delft University of Technology
8:25 AM
Second Order Effect Monitoring During Backside Milling for Functional Endpoint Detection
Mr. Anthony F. George, Battelle Memorial Institute; Mr. Isaac W. Goldthwaite, Battelle Memorial Institute; Mr. Jonathan Scholl, Battelle Memorial Institute; Dr. Katie liszewski, Battelle Memorial Institute; Dr. Jeremiah P. Schley, Battelle Memorial Institute; Dr. Thomas F. Kent, Battelle Memorial Institute
8:50 AM
Submicron thinning of finFET devices with high power density observed in 10/7nm process nodes using high aspect ratio trenches
Dr. Nathan Bakken, PhD, Intel Corporation; Mr. Vladimir V. Vlasyuk, Intel Corporation; Mr. Ilya Artishuk, Intel Corporation; Mr. Michael Beal, Intel Corporation; Dr. Robert D. Chivas, Varioscale; Dr. Michael DiBattista, Varioscale; Mr. Scott Silverman, Varioscale
9:15 AM
Site-specific Low Angle Plasma FIB Milling for Cross-sectional Electrical Characterization
Dr. Chuan Zhang, NVIDIA Corporation; Dr. Yuanjing (Jane) Li, NVIDIA Corporation; Mr. John Aguada, NVIDIA Corporation; Mr. Howard Lee Marks, NVIDIA Corporation
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